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Animal Adventures Malaysia >> Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit >> Zanah the Malayan Tigress

Meet the Country's Most Pampered Big Cat

The central attraction of the Tiger! Tiger! Gallery & Exhibit is Zanah, our Malayan Tigress.

Zanah's Origins

Zanah was captive born to a Malayan Tigress, who was herself rescued from the cooking pot in 2005.

Due to Zanah's young mother inexperience at raising cubs, two cubs were removed from the older tigress' care and subsequently hand-raised. We took over the care of Zanah when she was about 12 weeks old and brought her to Langkawi several months later.

Zanah's Daily Routine

Zanah is most active after 5PM, which may be explained by the natural behaviour of the Malayan Tiger's prey (such as deer and wild boar). During this time, she will be highly active, playing with her enrichment toys and basking in the evening sun, right before visitors barely 2m away.

Unlike most cats, tigers love water: and Zanah is no different. Zanah loves dipping in the water whenever ambient temperature rises or after a few spirited runs around her exhibit, playing with her "toys."

In the morning, soon after release into her exhibit, she spends some time exploring and re-acquainting her territory. During this time, she is more likely to exhibit natural behaviours, such as the Flehmen Behaviour.

Zanah at Play
Zanah at Play

For safety reasons, Zanah is secured in a fully-enclosed night stall overnight.

Animal Actor Zanah

Animal Actor Zanah
Zanah on Ipren TVC

Despite her young age, Zanah has already appeared in a made-for-Scandinavian television commercial (TVC).

The Malayan Tiger

Did you know that the Malayan Tigers is the "youngest" and ninth sub-species of tiger. When was the Malayan Tiger declared a separate sub-species? And why?

Did you know that three sub-species of tiger are already extinct? Which ones?

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Updated December 7, 2010